Krug Asperger Disorder Index (KADI)

BENEFITS: Distinguishes people with Asperger’s from those with high-functioning autism, helping to determine educational needs

AGES: 6 to 22 years
ADMIN TIME: 15-20 minutes
FORMAT: 32 items–weighted for their ability to differentiate Asperger’s from high-functioning autism–rated by parent, caregiver, or professional
SCORES: Raw scores, percentiles, and standard scores
NORMS: Based on a sample of 486 individuals from more than 30 states and 10 countries, including 130 people previously diagnosed with Asperger’s, 162 previously diagnosed with high-functioning autism, and 194 considered normal

Examiner’s Manual, 50 Profile/Examiner Record Forms Ages 6-11, and 50 Profile/Examiner Record Forms Ages 12-21, all in a sturdy storage box.